Wholesale Commodity Shipper & Broker.

Nogales, AZ & McAllen, TX.


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   Name: Jesus L. Saucedo      Phone: 520-470-9790    E-mail:  info@worldofgreens.com


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Mission Statement:

    We pride ourselves in being able to ensure the product bought from World of Greens  is of the best quality and competitively priced to provide complete customer satisfaction.


Stability, Integrity, Commitment, Loyalty,Trustworthiness, Customer Focus and Accountability.


     World of Greens is diverse with keeping each individuals needs met.

In our business, We are ready to serve.

   Welcome, and thank you for visiting our web site where you will be able to find all your perishable needs and then some.

    World of Greens, would like to be part of your success as we have multiple growers and would like to provide you with the best perishables we have to offer.

    As a commodity Grower, Shipper and Buying Broker We want you to know that Service, Quality and Price are our major factors.

    World of Greens,  would like to help keep your business afloat, without you moving and taking time out of your busy schedule for making out of the way purchases in which you might need.

   Here with World of Greens, we are only a phone call away with prompt and reliable service for your establishment. Having peace of mind knowing you can count on us.